Nedrček za dojenje 5075 brez opore

Nedrček za dojenje z oporo 5056 do J košarice
20. 4. 2020
Nedrček za dojenje 5053 do košarice J z oporo
20. 4. 2020
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Nedrček za dojenje 5075 brez opore



Nedrček za dojenje, brez opore. Prijeten koži, prijeten na otip. Osnovni nedrček za dojenje, udoben, enostaven za pranje in sušenje.

Sestava:  80 % najlon  20 % elastan


* Meryl-Microfibre

* Straps and edging of fleeced stretch strech microfibre


* Stretch and pre-moulded (seamless) for especially sensitive breast

* Nursing clasps to open and close

* Breast support of microfibre


* Firmly secured to breast support to prevent slipping back when the cup is open

* Elastic and adjustable

* Wider from size 90 B cup onwards

* Stretch with 3-position fastening

Dodatne informacije

črna, kožna

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